E 80 cake

Exactly twenty years ago Elemér Auguszt the member of the famous Hungarian pastry dynasty was given a special cake for his 80th birthday with the following text on the top: “Happy Birthday, Elemér! 80”.

It was the delicious E80 cake as we know it today. This cake is the symbol of the traditionalism and professionalism of the sophisticated Hungarian pastry arts.  It is made with a rich chocolate filling and a thin marzipan layer in the middle and covered with light coffee cream.



Let me tell the short story of the family.

The Auguszt confectionary is one of the historical and traditional Hungarian cake shops in Budapest. The first little shop was opened by Elek Auguszt in 1870 in Buda. After his death his widow run the business with their son József E. Auguszt. The young pastry chef quickly made a name for himself. He had international experience form Paris, London and Vienna and he was the first pastry chef who made shortbread biscuits in Hungary.  1908 the shop moved into a much busier part of the capital. The patisserie soon became the most popular place of the bourgeoisie and aristoctracy.

The real turning point for the Auguszt family came  in 1916 when the shop moved to the heart of the city into an elegant building that was built in Art Nouveau style. At this time tourist guide books mentioned the Auguszt Confectionary as one of  Budapest’s main sights. During the first word war the family lost the shop. The socialist regime communised the family owned business and they had to wait until 1957 to reopen their own shop.

Today, there are three Auguszt shops in Budapest all run by the family: the oldest one is at Fény street managed by József Auguszt the grand-grand son of Elek. Olga and Auguszta lead the Auguszt Pavilon at Farkasrét and the Pesti Auguszt is operated under the direction of Flóra.


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