Flatbread, rolls, loaf, corn bread: all of them are the part of humanity’s history, testimony of birth and death of nations, evidence of the development of civilisation. In every part of the word we think of the term “bread” in different ways. Every culture has one or more unique and dominant bread products that is unique to their kitchen and life style. We would say that the cultural usage determines the meaning of bread.

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Kifli is not croissant

If you ask me what I really miss from the Hungarian kitchen I could give you a long list including special ingredients, proper jam, ripe and full-of-flavour fruit and crispy pastries. And you know, I love croissant, specially the almond one from the best London bakeries but I feel I can not live without its Hungarian relative, kifli. It reminds me of my childhood, my school years and then my years at uni when we often ate kifli with kefír for lunch. Plus the mákos guba is prepared with leftover kifli slices.

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